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The true impact of water damage

The true impact of water damage

Residential and commercial water damage, such as flood, can cause substantial damage if not taken care of properly and timely.  Many people underestimate what water damage can do to your home. Long-standing water in a property can cause serious problems. If left untreated, water damage can lead to other problems like:

Mold Damage
Within 48 hours of water damage, mold growth can occur. The perfect recipe for mold to thrive is in areas with a moisture source, an organic material and a warmer temperature. However,
mold can grow just about anywhere due to its ability to remain dormant until conditions are ideal. The water will saturate items like furniture and carpet, creating the perfect place for mold
spores to grow. The faster you call professionals like Disaster Response to take control of a water damaged area, the less you will have to worry about mold growth and spread, and the more cost efficient the restoration will be.

Electrical Damage
When damage occurs within a residence or a business, it’s likely that damage has been done to electrical systems and appliances. If not properly addressed, it can cause further damage to your home and electrical systems. Damaged wiring can cause power surges and other issues that can permanently damage devices plugged into your electrical system. If
electricity is not immediately shut off after water damage occurs, there is a higher risk of electrocution for anyone who goes into the home after the damage is done.

Structural Damage
Even though often unseen, damage due to water or flooding can waken the structural components of a home or business. If water damage goes unaddressed, it increases the risk of parts of the structure collapsing without notice. If you let water sit in your home it will weaken the structure of your home and heighten the risk of parts of your home collapsing without notice. Structural problems can also occur from the force of the water after a substantial flood.

Contents Damage
When not dried quickly, furniture can warp, rot, or mold. If contents in your house are damaged due to prolonged water exposure, they can be restored in our contents facility. We can restore
anything from clothing and electronics to photo albums and linens. Our state-of-the-art contents facility has the professional equipment and trained technicians to provide your items with the TLC they need after being water damaged.


Disaster Response can restore your house and items in your home or business, and its contents after water damage occurs. It is still very important to call a restoration company as soon as possible to avoid other problems. The faster you call a professional about water damage, the less you have to worry about mold damage, electrical damage, structural damage, and contents damage; your cost will also be significantly less.

If your home or business has experienced water damage, Disaster Response is here for you with our 24/7 emergency service. Call us at (844) 315-3100 or by requesting help on our website.

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