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Cold Weather and Ice Damming

Snow and ice pose significant threats to your home during the cold winter months. Ice damming, in particular, can wreak havoc on your roof eaves and valleys, causing water to seep under roofing materials and expand, leading to tearing and damage.

Moreover, as the ice melts, water can penetrate through seams or tears in your underlayment, dripping into your attic or home. This water intrusion doesn’t stop there; it can extend beyond the upper level, causing damage behind walls and in ceilings.

At Disaster Response, we have specialized equipment and techniques to effectively remove ice damming from your home without causing further damage to your roofing. If the damage has already occurred, our team can repair or replace your roof and address any interior damage to your attic and home.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – give Team DR a call at 844-315-3100 for immediate assistance. Get the help you need to address extra ice and snow on your roof.

Ice Dam prevention and tips

Snow Loads during Colder Weather

In our area, heavy snowfall is not uncommon. Roof systems are meticulously designed according to local building codes to bear determined amounts of snow load. However, when confronted with heavy and wet snow loads, your roof system may surpass its intended capacity, resulting in damage to roofing materials and potentially compromising the structural integrity of your home.

To address this issue, consider having your roof shoveled to alleviate excess snow load on the roof structure. If you have concerns or if damage has already occurred, Disaster Response can assess your home and assist you in determining the necessary steps to restore your property.

Our Cold Weather Services

Our staff is professionally trained to offer services including:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Ice Dam Removal
  • Snow Removal
  • Water Damage Clean-Up and Dry Out
  • Insurance Claim Estimating and Coordination
  • Temporary Board Up
  • Structure Stabilization

We have been serving Idaho, Oregon, and Washington for over 10 years.

Contents Restoration Facility

If the items in your home or office are damaged after disaster strikes, our state of the art contents restoration facility can bring them back while providing peace of mind with our secure storage and bar code tracking system.

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