Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Water Damage Company in Boise

Water damage is an unfortunate reality for many homeowners. Whether it’s from a winter related ice-dam, spring flooding or you’ve had a fire in your home. It’s imperative to get the water cleaned up right away. If not, you’re facing the very real possibility of dealing with mold issues. But, who do you hire? Should you try to fix it yourself? It depends on the scale of the damage. The bigger the problem, the more likely you are to need a team of water damage restoration pros. Here are a few questions to ask before hiring a restoration company.


Like any company you hire, you’ll want to see if they have some experience in the task at hand. If it’s a large, reputable firm, it’s likely they’ve done this type of work hundreds, if not thousands, of times before. However, if it’s a smaller outfit and your project is a little out of the norm, this may be the first time they’ve deal with this issue. Make sure by asking the question.


Water damage can be extensive and therefore a little pricey to fix. You’ll want to know if they offer any type of warranty or guarantee their work before moving forward. Blindly spending money on a water damage restoration project is never a good idea!


Are their certifications available in this field and do they hold them? If not, why not? Certifications are usually a good sign the company is keeping up with the latest techniques and training. Perhaps there is a professional industry membership that would help you make the decision.

Time Line

One of the most important questions to ask, and to be very specific on, is how long will the project take? Most times you’ll be displaced during the work because there is a lot of noise, dust, etc., on the jobsite (a.k.a. your home). You’ll want to know exactly how long you’ll be out. There are always unforeseen hiccups that may cause an additional day or two, but you should know it will be “XX” number of days before you can come home.

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