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3 Ways to Identify Possible Water Damage

Nobody knows your home like you do! You’re in the perfect position to notice little things that may indicate you have a problem. Water damage will typically present clues as to its presence. If you pay attention and look for the subtle clues, you may save yourself time and money down the road! If you see any of these indicators, call your local Boise water damage restoration company for an immediate assessment.

Flooring Issues

Your flooring will give you a good idea if you have water damage problems under your feet. The obvious clue would be to find standing water or soggy carpets. It’s not usually that easy! Look for loosening tile that pop up in areas that were otherwise secure. If you have hardwood floors, look for cupping, crowning or buckling. These are all signs that a problem exists below the surface.

Ceiling Issues

Ceilings shouldn’t be wet or stained. If you see a stain start to develop, call someone immediately. It’s likely that you have some sort of liquid dripping onto your ceiling from above. You could have a plumbing emergency that quickly turns into a disaster cleanup issue! This could also become very dangerous as wet ceilings can collapse onto those below. Don’t wait! Go home today and take a good look at the ceilings throughout your home. This will help you establish a much-needed baseline should an unusual stain appear.

Changes in Smell

Most of us know what our home smells like on a normal day. Anything that deviates dramatically from that smell should be investigated, especially if it smells musty or moldy. Mold problems in your home are not to be taken lightly. If you smell it, it likely became a significant problem well before now. It’s just gotten bad enough that you can detect it!

There are many other ways to detect issues, but these are three easy ways to identify potential problem areas. You walk on your floors underneath your ceilings every day. Just pay close attention to your home and it will let you know if there’s a problem!

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