Signs of Mold & Remediation

Picture this: it’s laundry day at your home. Just as you are about to finish folding your towels, you notice a dark, blotchy spot on the wall that appears to proceed from the top of the appliance and continues down the wall to what appears to be floor level. You grab a flashlight and manage […]

Property damage and insurance: What to do

Property damage and insurance

For a quick guide and a loss list sheet, click HERE to download the PDF.  The following article covers what to do when property damages happen, and how to work with your insurance company to ensure the maximum reimbursement. Home-ownership has copious benefits as opposed to renting, but that is no secret.  From making renovations […]

5 Signs of Mold Sickness

Mold grows from tiny spores. These spores are always present in the atmosphere and in your home. They’re usually microscopic and harmless. However, when they find their preferred conditions, they grow very quickly and manifest as mold. The preferred conditions are darkness, warmth, and moisture. These conditions can be reached in many different ways. The […]

What Are the Warning Signs for Dangerous Mold?

If you ask restoration experts about the most dangerous aspects of a flooding event, they’ll often tell you that it’s mold. Mold is present in your house or office pretty much all of the time; it’s present as microscopic spores. In that state, it’s not particularly dangerous unless you have a susceptibility. Mold replicates very […]

Is Your Home at Risk for Mold?

Mold can never be completely eliminated; mold spores can be can be microscopic, and they’re naturally occurring. Therefore, they’re always going to be floating around in the atmosphere. They are just looking for a comfortable area to grow and reproduce. That’s why your home is never completely free of mold; mold is said to be […]