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Rebuilding Hope: Disaster Response in Montpelier and Barre, Vermont


The resilience of communities in the face of disaster is a testament to the human spirit. When catastrophe strikes, the journey of restoration can be long and arduous, but it is the collective effort of restoration teams like Team DR that helps rebuild communities. In July 2023, Team DR dispatched to Montpelier and Barre, Vermont, where we provided catastrophe cleanup for both commercial and residential property losses in the wake of flooding.

Disaster Response quickly deployed to Vermont, working in partnership with Insurcomm, a fellow CORE Elite Member. We dispatched a massive catastrophe semi truck filled with essential clean-up equipment, dry-out equipment, and supplies. Along with all the supplies, we were able to put together a dedicated team of over 100 workers upon arrival to help in our efforts. This was not an isolated effort, but together with Insurcomm, we were able to help the communities in Vermont clean up towns and businesses alike.

During our time in Vermont, we helped multiple businesses in the area with catastrophe cleanup. These businesses faced significant losses, and we were able to help restore them back on their feet. We are grateful for our relationships with the CORE Elite Member network and other restoration companies like us nationwide, making projects like this possible. Partnering with companies in other parts of the country allows us to exponentiate our manpower, tools, equipment, and speed in getting this type of work started and completed – getting affected communities back into service quicker than if it was just our team alone.

Our team at Disaster Response was humbled after seeing the level of devastation brought by this flooding. The physical destruction of businesses is heartbreaking, and Team DR hopes that our work with cleanup and restoration in Montpelier and Barre leaves a lasting impact on their community.

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