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Get Ready for Spring!

While it may still be a bit cool outside in the Idaho, Washington and Oregon region, spring will be here before you know it! You may as well start getting ready now to ensure your home and/or business is prepared! Here are a few spring weather prep tips from Disaster Response.

Be fire smart and safe

Spring and fall are great times to double check the fire safety in and around your home. Take the time to check your fire extinguishers and smoke detectors at a minimum! The detectors will warn you in time to get you to safety, and if you have properly charged extinguishers, you may have the chance to severely limit the damage! Speaking of damage, built up lint inside of your dryer is a very real hazard! A 2018 article on The Spruce pointed out that more than 20,000 house fires per year are attributed to dryer lint! Even a small fire can produce a large amount of smoke damage.

Get your air conditioner tuned up

A licensed HVAC professional will get your equipment ready for action. A poorly maintained air conditioner could develop mechanical, or worse yet, electrical problems. The last thing we want is unwanted sparks coming from your AC! A build up of dust and debris could lead to any number of issues.

Check your landscaping, especially trees!

Harsh, wet winters can degrade the structural strength of your trees. It’s a good idea to have your trees examined by a professional if you suspect any damage. James Latham from Arbor-Safe Professional Tree Management, a certified arborist and expert on tree removal, said “it’s especially important to work with an arborist to identify any potential or current risks before they cause real problems.”

Clear your gutters

Gutters are designed to safely move water away from your home. They only work correctly when they are clear of debris and water can flow freely. A buildup of leaves or branches can lead to extensive water damage. This damage can occur to roof, siding or foundation if left untreated. You can either clean them yourself or hire a company to do the cleaning for you. Either way, it’s essential they work as designed.

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