Meet Beau Value, Disaster Response’s Owner

“Work hard, play hard,” is Beau Value, the CEO and Founder of Disaster Response’s lifelong motto. When he isn’t working 14-hour days, he is snowmobiling in the beautiful backcountry of Idaho, mountain biking with his kids, jet boating on the salmon river, or tracking an elk in the woods. The outdoors gives Beau an escape, a place […]

Professionalism counts when hiring a disaster cleanup company

Your home is likely the most valuable thing you own. It is where you share treasured moments with those you love, reading to your child at night, making dinner with your partner, laughing over a drink with friends. Although home is most people’s safe space, there is no guarantee that a fire, flood, or severe […]

Property damage and insurance: What to do

Property damage and insurance

For a quick guide and a loss list sheet, click HERE to download the PDF.  The following article covers what to do when property damages happen, and how to work with your insurance company to ensure the maximum reimbursement. Home-ownership has copious benefits as opposed to renting, but that is no secret.  From making renovations […]

New Technology in the Damage Restoration Industry

Damage restoration is a pretty broad field. It generally encompasses the entire industry of techniques used to restore a home, business, or automobile after a natural disaster. Damage restorers often abate mold, repair water damage, clean smoke damage, and other related tasks. To do this, they use the latest technology that makes the job faster […]


Why Using a Restoration Company Saves You Time & Money! A few years back, early one Sunday morning in February, I stepped out of bed into 3 inches of water. The water flow to the ice maker in my freezer had failed to shut off after filling the ice tray, and during the night, water […]


How to keep your Idaho property fire ready During summer in Idaho, a yellow-shirted firefighter is a common sight, as is the smoke that fills the Treasure Valley and mountain towns when the big fires are burning. Many homes in Idaho are actually built in what is termed the Wildland Urban Interface Overlay Zone. That […]

Get Ready for Spring!

While it may still be a bit cool outside in the Idaho, Washington and Oregon region, spring will be here before you know it! You may as well start getting ready now to ensure your home and/or business is prepared! Here are a few spring weather prep tips from Disaster Response.

Winter is here! Keep your heat with these energy saving home tips.

Ready or not the cooler weather is here! Winter often finds us dreading the utility bill. Here are some helpful energy saving tips to help keep utility costs down. COVER DRAFTY WINDOWS • Use a heavy-duty, clear plastic sheet on a frame or tape clear plastic film to the inside of your window frames during […]